A Place In The Sun

Just thought I'd give an up date as to how the show went.

 We had three spots on the theatre stage discussing our time in Crete. The sessions lasted 45 mins with questions from the floor. We had good attendances on all days. On Saturday the theatre was full.

 There were many people who wanted to chat afterwards and we were very pleased to meet two customers who purchased properties from Andrew and me as A & B Property Services. They were delighted with the way we helped them with their purchase and are now looking to move. One wishes to upgrade from an apartment to a house; the other wishes to down size from a villa to a smaller house and they want Landmark Crete to handle the sales and purchases. I will be meeting both clients at the end of the month. Now that's good news!

 The other interesting thing was the up-beat attitude to Crete and Greece. Although the  UK General Election is putting much on hold, there are many clients out there who, I think, will be looking for ready-built or near-completed properties or smaller developments which are in the process of being completed and such clients are happy to meet up with me to discuss their requirements.

It would appear that having the propertiesoncrete.co.uk web site is very much a plus, so that requirements can be discussed in detail before passing it across to Landmark Crete with a tight specification. The fact that we, as a group, are the eyes and ears for purchasers has indeed been received as a comfort. There will always be people who would like to live in Crete but many are now looking at buying holiday properties.

One item that came up on several occasions was EOT. Two clients are looking only for properties with EOT. Others did not envisage their property being used by anyone other than themselves and there was one couple who want us to look for a house that was well away from any properties that could be commercially let.

All good positive stuff then and, if we can, we should consider exhibiting next year.

 Love, Brian.