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Q How long have you known Pete and Les Cardy, the couple who were to have the apartment downstairs?

A About twenty years. We met on the canal, both having a boat. Pete and Les had Footy and Andrew and I had Outlaw. We worked together on running waterway festivals.

 Q How did you all come together in deciding to buy a house and why Crete?

A Well Les and Pete had been visiting Crete for many years, long before Andrew and I discovered it. They were thinking about selling their boat, we had already sold Outlaw and it just sort of went on from there. Pete and Les had no interest in living on Crete. They both found the very hot temperatures too much, but were very interested in a holiday home. Our idea of living on Crete, with an apartment below our living accommodation, appealed to them.

 Q Their investment was called for early. That did prove a problem didn't it?

A Yes, because Cretan Traditional Homes increased the cost of the house by 25%, we could only finish the top part with the promise of completing the apartment later. It was very traumatic for all of us, but because we knew each other so well, the problems were short lived and both Andrew and I agreed to raise money on the house to complete the downstairs. This we did and it proved very successful too.