Nomad removals

Nomad International are the experts at removals to Crete, conducting more overland removals to Crete than any other British company.  We have our own experienced team based on Crete, ready to conduct your collection or delivery.  But this is just one of the many reasons why Nomad International is the number one company for transport to and from Crete.

Nomad International sends large, articulated 3300cft trucks to and from Crete at least once every two weeks, allowing us to accommodate loads of any size, from tiny consignments to several homes.  The frequency of our visits to Crete makes it easy to time the arrival of your belongings with your own visit or permanent arrival in Crete.

Because we transport furniture to and from Crete so often, we can offer our premium service at very reasonable prices.  You could say that we’re “going to Crete anyway”, so we don’t have to make a special trip to Crete just for your goods, which makes our quotes consistently cheaper than other large removal companies.  Part loads to Crete are no problem of course – in fact, almost every job we do is a part load.

Importantly, you will have the confidence that only trusted and experienced Nomad team members will be handling your goods, from collection until delivery.

We have large, secure storage facilities in both Crete and Peterborough, UK, enabling us to store any volume of goods for any length of time. 

We are members of the prestigious British Association of Removers, the key governing body for the removal industry in the UK, and FEDEMAC, the European governing body.  BAR membership gives you the confidence that you are dealing with a professional, regulated company.  In contrast, companies who choose not to be members of regulating bodies like these are allowed to operate however they choose.Specialist Removals Insurance

Through the FSA-regulated removals insurance specialist Basil Fry & Co, Nomad International is able to offer specialist insurance designed for European household removals.  The option of taking out Standard Liability protection gives you the peace of mind that your goods will be covered for repair or replacement value, should anything unforeseen occur. 

By far the most reliable way to transport your goods within Europe is via overland transport.  Deep sea container transport is frequently subject to delays (of between 2 weeks and 4 months), and cannot be relied upon if you are planning to visit Crete for only a short period of time to receive your goods.  Besides this uncertainty, there is a great deal of paperwork to be completed with container shipping, and this often has to be completed by the owner, at the port.  Nomad International sends the vast majority of our goods via overland transport in our own vehicles, which is much more reliable and much faster, with transit times from UK to Crete typically 6-7 days. 

With our own team in Crete, other removal companies often call on us to assist them with the unloading of containers that arrive on the island.  If for some reason you choose to send your goods via sea container but the removal company does not have a plan for transporting the goods from the container into your home (which is not uncommon), we can help.