Chania is the second largest town in Crete, the largest being Heraklion, and has a population of 60.000 inhabitants and is the administrative, and commercial centre of the area.

Chania has daily sea connection with Piraeus via the ferries. Souda bay, that serves as the port of Hania, is the biggest and safest bay in the East Mediterranean. 

The airport of Hania is located at Sternes, in Akrotiri, 14 km east of the town. Chania is connected by air to Athens but there are also several charter flights from all over Europe during the summer.

At the airport car rentals and taxis are available for all parts of the island. The buses from the port and airport will leave you at the market place.

Chania is a beautiful city, the old town is a labyrinth of Venetian houses and you can wander around with only an occasional reminder of the twentieth century.

 There are hotels all over the city but the ones overlooking the harbour are probably where you want to be even if the nightlife below can get a little noisy.

Like most harbour towns the expensive cafes have taken the best spots on the waterfront and the cheaper and more traditional restaurants are on the fringes and the back streets.