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Q Why did you choose Crete?


A We chose this Island for many reasons, not the least that we had visited it several times and fell in love with it. Originally the house was to be a holiday home, but we took the decision to move here permanently. We also like the independent thinking of the Cretan people, after all it was an independent island until 1913.


Q Why Western Crete?

A This is the greenest and lushest part of the Island and we also loved Chania


Q How did you start looking?

A We visited several developers and settled with Cretan Traditional Homes. ( No longer Trading) Helen, who ran the Georgeoupolis Office was just what we needed


Q How did the build go?

A Well we did attract the interest of British Television and eventually ended up making 30 episodes of A Place in Greece for Channel 4.

We looked and looked for a plot and almost gave up at one time. We really wanted Georgeoupolis area but found a plot in Kambia., near Plaka and Almyrida.

 Andrew, my partner, and I designed what we wanted so the appointed architect had little to do except make it conform.

The relationship with Douglas Milne, the owner of Cretan Traditional Homes deteriorated as the project went on. I ended up working for him but disagreed with what I believed was bad practice and left.