Whatever happened to Brian &

A Place In Greece followed Coventry couple Brian Saunders and Andrew Sutton as they pursued their dream of building their very own home in Greece.

Finances were tight, so to help get the project off the ground they entered into a partnership with friends Peter and Lesley Cardy, who were also keen to have a place abroad.

The programme follows the trials and tribulations of the foursome as they travel to Crete in search of the ideal location.

After a disastrous run of tumbledown barns, views of power pylons and lumpy lunar landscapes they finally found a plot with a view,  just outside the village of Kambia but other developments soon threatened to break both friendships and bank balances.

When the men announced they were planning to move in permanently, Pete and Lesley were ready to pull out.
And the team still faced infuriated developers, expanding properties, financial ruin and the odd very cross cockerel before they realised their dream.

Brian and Andrew have kindly answered some questions about their time in Crete and what happened after the 'Place inGreece programme ended

What happened to Brian and Andrew from "A Place In Greece" ?


What made them decide to buy a property in Crete?


Tell us about the process of buying in Crete


How did Brian and Andrew find the perfect plot?


Was it difficult to get a villa designed in Crete?


Tell us about your friends Pete and Lesley Cardy


For the first time since  "A Place in Crete" ended, Brian and Andrew have agreed to answer these and other questions about moving to and living in the Apokoronas area of Crete.


Read on to find out the answers!