Update from Brian & Andrew

April 2011

[5th April, 2011] We would like to send our congratulations to Brian & Andrew who were married in a civil ceremony on 1st April (trust them to choose that date)! Best wishes guys, & many years of happiness. Hopefully we will have some photographs to put on here soon.

Brian & Andrew's wedding

Christmas 2010


Another eventful 12 months since the last Christmas round up. 

 Since our return from Crete a great deal seems to have happened.

 Sadly Andrew’s Uncle Jack died in April and there has been a great deal to do in winding up the estate which includes trying to sell a property in the present uncertain economic climate. However we are hopeful that these matters will be concluded soon.

 Brian has also had a difficult year having being diagnosed in May with cancer of the voice box. This devastating news coming so soon after the loss of Uncle Jack made for an even more difficult year.

 One of the benefits of now living in London, has meant that Brian was immediately referred to a consultant at St Barts hospital which is the leading hospital for cancer treatments. He had six weeks of intensive radiotherapy & chemotherapy. This was physically and mentally tiring. He attended St Barts on a daily basis and had four overnight stays for the chemotherapy sessions.

 Treatment was completed at the end of September and we have had two follow up appointments with the consultant and they are extremely happy with Brian’s progress and also satisfied that they have achieved their 99.9% aim of eradicating the tumour.

This week we were back at the hospital for the results of his most recent full scan, and thankfully this has confirmed that the tumour has gone and there are no further traces anywhere else.

 Before his illness Brian had applied to work part time at Waitrose (at the same Canary Wharf store that Andrew works at) and they were very sympathetic in putting his employment on hold during his treatment. Since the end of the treatment and with the permission of his Doctor’s, Brian has now started at Waitrose and is back in checkouts & Customer service, using his previous experience at Safeway to the full. He continues to get back to his normal self to everyone’s relief.

 Rupert & Georgie are still enjoying their London life and in particular the open fire during the present cold weather!

 All in all it has been a long and hard year for us in many, many ways. However we have got through and with the help, love and support of Brian’s family and our many dear friends.

 So a Very Happy Christmas and New Year to you all from both of us.


 Brian & Andrew