Brian & Andrew's animals ...

Q You came out with 2 dogs and three cats. Along the way you found a stray or rather a stray found you. How are they all now?

 A About the stray. He found us or rather his owners found us. We kept him until some friends of our Trevor and Rosemary stayed for a weekend and fell in love with the dog. We called him NIPPER. Trev and Rose bought a house and he now lives with them just outside Rethemno.

 Q What about the others?

 A Well it's all a bit sad. George, Andrews' Ginger died very suddenly one Saturday morning. He loved to sleep on the bed and had a stroke. He was 17 but it was a very sad time. Andrews last link with some of his history. Wallace and Grommit lived on but finally Wallace died and a year later so did Grom. They both had kidney failure. We also had two further strays. One was a lovely small dog called Walnut. He became Brians' shadow. He lived with us for 3 years and died at the ripe old age of 12. We were then made aware of a Ginger cat that had been knocked down. We kept her. Yes she is a Ginger female. She lost the use of one front paw, this was amputated but she scoots around, at about 100 miles and hour.